“A nerve –wracking thriller about American’s addiction to Middle East sweet crude and the network of enablers who keep our dependent nation away from detox.”
––Kirkus Reveiws


Currently in development...


--Michael C. Ruppert, author of An American Energy Policy

“One of the most prolific and important books
of our time” --Craig Harvey, Movement Magazine

LOGLINE: A man struggles to thwart a nuclear attack on a major American city; one plotted by high-ranking government neo-conservatives in order to justify a full-scale military invasion of Iran.

PREMISE: When his wife, former CIA agent and republican think tank strategist KELLI DOYLE is assassinated after writing a tell-all book, private energy consultant and analyst ASHLEY “ACE” FUTRELL becomes the target of a Homeland Security investigation but manages to keep the government at bay by agreeing to go on a Middle-East fact-finding mission.

After learning through his wife’s memoirs and several of her former CIA colleagues that the CIA and several high-ranking government neo-conservatives are secretly planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city in order to justify a full-scale invasion of Iran, he sets out on a mission to bankrupt a network of military-industrial-political entities bent on global domination through the control of world energy resources.

After succeeding with his plan to re-route trillions of dollars in “blood-money”, Ace fails to prevent one of two nuclear bombs from detonating and decimating Los Angeles, California, after which he exposes the plot to the media; prompting the parties involved to resign and make way for a new administration.

Whether you embrace it or refute it, The Shell Game cannot, and should not, be easily dismissed. This is Steve Alten’s boldest, brav-est book to date. He’s fearless, in fact, and his skills as a storyteller have not dulled. The Shell Game leaves you shattered, angry, and demanding change.”
 —A Michigan City (Ind.) News-Dispatch entertainment editor

“A tour-de-force thriller. Controversial, shocking, meticulously researched, and sure to raise many eyebrows in Washington.”
––James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of “The Judas Strain”

"Full of exotic weapons systems, bloody gore, military acronyms, and scientific jargon that Tom Clancy fans will devour"



如卵击石般,世界处于灾难的边缘,歌利亚,这部冒险惊悚片全力的向观众展示了类似汤姆 克兰西小说一般的惊险历程。故事人物的发展和惊险动作结合起来,小说是以科幻为前提,引发了一系列的壮观动作场面。

故事开头由一个非常有个性类似经典科学怪人的科学家,偏离了科学研究的范围,制造了一个令他自己低估了的怪物。这里所提及的怪物是一个命名为歌利亚的巨型潜艇,其主控计算机的大脑自行发展出了超级智能... 小说描绘了歌利亚的智能进化-以及对被歌利亚控制的人类船员进行必要的剖解-让人不寒而栗。


western miniseries and mow's over the past decade had extremely high ratings. ...and c'mon, girls with guns are sexy!








依娃的表现赢得了原先讥笑她的所有镇民的尊敬。她对艾夫瑞展示她的柔情也愿意饶恕他因误杀她儿子所犯下的罪行。为了拯救镇上免于罪恶滋生,她也表现出强悍的一面,对付罪犯绝不手软。 《淑女神抢》由包括爱尔兰,俄国,意大利,英国,美国,法国,等国际影星主演,也有中国军阀,少林师傅和他誓言用性命保护的一个孩子等角色。这些不同的文化背景制造一个令人兴奋并有趣的演出,这是部国际级供全球观众阖家欣赏的电影。







Lola Rose is seventeen years old and lives in East Los Angeles with her mother and two younger brothers. A Latino gang member for five years, she has earned the respect of her peers. Her beauty is hidden by her foul mouth and cruel disposition--usually directed against all authority.

Maria, her mother, is a kind, hardworking woman who has been employed for ten years as a housekeeper for the Randalls, a wealthy Beverly Hills family. Mrs. Randall's daughter Dorothy is gravely ill, having contracted A.I.D.S. while studying art in New York; a truth the Randalls desperately wish to keep concealed. Dorothy stays confined in the west wing of her home, visited by no one except her boyhood friend, Tommy.

Lola's grandmother becomes ill and Maria must return to Mexico. Lola Rose reluctantly agrees to fill in for her mother, even if it means “cleaning the stupid rich people's shit up”. She almost blows the job on her first day, when her nasty attitude clashes with the other help. Exhausted, she arrives home to take care of her brothers. Over time, her work for the Randall family gives Lola a deeper understanding and appreciation of what her mother endures.

Eventually, Lola Rose and Dorothy meet, and after a few stolen items are returned that Lola Rose “borrowed,” they become fast friends. Her eyes are soon opened to a new world as she finds herself surrounded by wealth and its temptations, her growing attraction to Tommy and the needs of a dying new friend.

Dorothy's mother is a woman who lives in the past and denies the present. It is Lola Rose who opens Mrs. Randall’s eyes to the needs of her dying daughter.

For Lola Rose, a new life begins, allowing her beauty to finally be seen.


"John Chaney, twice named national coach of the year, guided temple to 17 appearances in the n.c.a.a. tournament in his 24 seasons there."
-New York Times



In the City of Brotherly Love, John Chaney is Legend

Long before he prowled the sidelines of more than 1,000 intercollegiate basketball games as one of the winningest coaches
of all-time, John Chaney terrorized the Philadelphia Public League as a point guard. Jim Crow laws kept African Americans from getting scholarship offers to major schools, so John played at all-black Bethune-Cookman College, then turned pro for the Harlem Globetrotters and the Eastern League before beginning a Hall of Fame coaching career, first at Cheyney State, then at Temple University.

But forget the 724 wins or the 17 NCAA Tournament appearances. What John Chaney is revered for is being a teacher and
father-figure to hundreds of young men who might otherwise would have ended up in the street...or far worse. Most of
Chaney's recruits came from broken homes. At Cheyney State, he'd get up and cook them breakfast. At Temple, he'd sit a
player if he failed to wear his hat on a cold day. Principles build character.

Always spirited, always opinionated, always putting his kids first, John Chaney's life is a story that must be told, because
none like him will ever pass this way again.

Enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Basketball coach at Cheyney State University Head Coach (1972-82) and Temple University (1982-present).Played for Bethune-Cookman, 1951-55. NAIA All-America, 1953. Played for Sunbury (Eastern Pro League). Two-time League Most Valuable Player. Seven-time league All-Star. All-Star Game MVP, 1959, 1960. Player/Coach, Williamsport (Eastern Pro League), 1963-66. NCAA Division II Tournament, 1973, 1974, 1976-80, 1982. NCAA Division II Tournament National Champions, 1978. Division II National Coach of the Year, 1978. State of Pennsylvania Distinguished Faculty Award, 1979. NCAA Tournaments, 1984-1988, 1990-2001 (18), including 12 in a row which ranks fifth. NCAA Regional Finalists, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1999, 2001. National Invitational Tournament, 1989. Atlantic 10 Championships, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1998. Atlantic 10 East Division, 1998, 1999, 2000. Atlantic 10 Tournament Championships, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 2000, 2001. Atlantic 10 Conference Coach of the Year, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000. USBWA National Coach of the Year, 1987, 1988. Consensus National Coach of the Year, Associated Press Coach of the Year, United Press International Coach of the Year, CNN/USA Today Coach of the Year, Kodak-NABC Coach of the Year, Chevrolet Coach of the Year, Black Coaches Association Coach of the Year, 1988. Eastern Basketball Coach of the Year, 1993.


A desperate attempt to save a Navy hero’s life creates a genetic mutation




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