“A nerve –wracking thriller about American’s addiction to Middle East sweet crude and the network of enablers who keep our dependent nation away from detox.”
––Kirkus Reveiws

Currently in development...


––Michael C. Ruppert, author of An American Energy Policy

“One of the most prolific and important books
of our time” ––Craig Harvey, Movement Magazine

LOGLINE: A man struggles to thwart a nuclear attack on a major American city; one plotted by high-ranking government neo-conservatives in order to justify a full-scale military invasion of Iran. 

PREMISE: When his wife, former CIA agent and republican think tank strategist KELLI DOYLE is assassinated after writing a tell-all book, private energy consultant and analyst ASHLEY “ACE” FUTRELL becomes the target of a Homeland Security investigation but manages to keep the government at bay by agreeing to go on a Middle-East fact-finding mission.

After learning through his wife’s memoirs and several of her former CIA colleagues that the CIA and several high-ranking government neo-conservatives are secretly planning to detonate a nuclear bomb in a major U.S. city in order to justify a full-scale invasion of Iran, he sets out on a mission to bankrupt a network of military-industrial-political entities bent on global domination through the control of world energy resources.

After succeeding with his plan to re-route trillions of dollars in “blood-money”, Ace fails to prevent one of two nuclear bombs from detonating and decimating Los Angeles, California, after which he exposes the plot to the media; prompting the parties involved to resign and make way for a new administration.

Whether you embrace it or refute it, The Shell Game cannot, and should not, be easily dismissed. This is Steve Alten’s boldest, brav-est book to date. He’s fearless, in fact, and his skills as a storyteller have not dulled. The Shell Game leaves you shattered, angry, and demanding change.”

 —A Michigan City (Ind.) News-Dispatch entertainment editor
“A tour-de-force thriller. Controversial, shocking, meticulously researched, and sure to raise many eyebrows in Washington.”
––James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of “The Judas Strain” 

"Full of exotic weapons systems,bloody gore, military acronyms, and scientific jargon that Tom Clancy fans will devour"

A taut, undersea,sci-fi thriller
innovative and action-packed like "24" and "Fringe

A balls-to-the-wall, world-on-the-brink-of-disaster adventure thriller, GOLIATH spares no punches as it takes its audience through a wild ride that resembles something akin to a Tom Clancy story on acid. Firmly placing character development as a consideration to the action-filled plot, the novel offers up spectacular action sequences as the result of a sci-fi premise.

The premise itself is a very cool take on the classic sci-fi Frankenstein model; science has gone too far and produced a monster its own creator underestimates. Here, the monster happens to be a giant submarine whose intelligent computer brain develops a God complex. The way the novel portrays Goliath's evolving intelligence -- and the human crew it must, by pulp fiction necessity, dissect -- is truly chilling.




The Town of Weldon has a New Sheriff

Modern in spirit with skillfully interwoven of imaginative female heroines, LADYCOLT has surprising plot twists, a small town mosaic that moves across boundaries of sex, class and ethnicity, with heartbreaking and dangerous villains.

Eva Thomas is a schoolteacher and the wife of the newly-appointed Sheriff of Weldon, a crude western frontier cattle town. She and her young teenage daughter, Sarah are to join her husband and son in Weldon by stagecoach. Upon arrival, she discovers that her husband was killed by one of the outlaws and that her son was caught in the crossfire.

Eva has no money and a teenage daughter to raise. She seeks the help of a colorful character, Miss Lily, the saloon owner who also happens to own the town. Miss Lily informs Eva that there is no schoolhouse, that the town of Weldon needs only one thing: A sheriff who is good with a gun.

Eva, with the help of her daughter, kidnaps the aging alcoholic gunman Ivory (the man who she believes accidentally killed her son) while he is passed out. Eva locks Ivory in her outhouse, boarding up the outside, until he agrees to teach her how to shoot a gun. Ivory refuses, but can't help but admire her perseverance. Misunderstood by her daughter and laughed at by the towns-people, Eva finally lets him go after several days, her spirit temporarily broken.

Ivory returns to the saloon to discovery his unsteady hand is no longer shaking. Interpreting this as an opportunity for redemption, the former U.S. Marshall for the Arizona Territories cleans himself up and teaches Eva how to handle guns
...and outlaws.


Eva proves herself and earns the respect of the town people who once laughed at her. Her compassion for the man whom she believed killed her son displays her tenderness and willingness to forgive those who commit unforgivable acts. She is also tough, with the grit to fire a bullet to save the town from the evil that infects it.

Fun, Wholesome Family Entertainment is Back!


Dr. Shelly is a leading cardiologist whose life is turned upside down after learning his wife is having an affair. He realizes he had the perfect life, from the outside in.

In a stupor, he leaves his affluent neighborhood and drives to a small fishing village where he grew up. Sitting at the counter of a local restaurant, he realizes he hasn’t been in a place like this for a very long time. He looks around at the different people and sees Anna, an attractive Chinese woman in a nearby booth making notes. He can’t take his eyes off of her.

After a series of brief encounters, Shelly finds himself falling hard for this kind-hearted, mysterious woman. On a forced trip with his family back East, Shelly realizes his love for her, only to return to Ireland to find her missing, her flat empty.

On his journey to find her, he finds himself. He had become the person that he thought people needed him to be. In the process, losing himself. His love for Anna and his new awakening would change all that and give him a second chance at life.

Lola Rose is seventeen years old and lives in East Los Angeles with her mother and two younger brothers. A Latina gang member for five years, she has earned the respect of her peers. Her beauty is hidden by her foul mouth and cruel disposition--usually directed against all authority.

Maria, her mother, is a kind, hardworking woman who has been employed for ten years as a housekeeper for the Randalls, a wealthy Beverly Hills family. Mrs. Randall's daughter Dorothy is gravely ill, having contracted A.I.D.S. while studying art in New York; a truth the Randalls desperately wish to keep concealed. Dorothy stays confined in the west wing of her home, visited by no one except her boyhood friend, Tommy.

Lola's grandmother becomes ill and Maria must return to Mexico. Lola Rose reluctantly agrees to fill in for her mother, even if it means “cleaning the stupid rich people's shit up”. She almost blows the job on her first day, when her nasty attitude clashes with the other help. Exhausted, she arrives home to take care of her brothers. Over time, her work for the Randall family gives Lola a deeper understanding and appreciation of what her mother endures.

Eventually, Lola Rose and Dorothy meet, and after a few stolen items are returned that Lola Rose “borrowed,” they become fast friends. Her eyes are soon opened to a new world as she finds herself surrounded by wealth and its temptations, her growing attraction to Tommy and the needs of a dying new friend.

Dorothy's mother is a woman who lives in the past and denies the present. It is Lola Rose who opens Mrs. Randall’s eyes to the needs of her dying daughter.

For Lola Rose, a new life begins, allowing her beauty to finally be seen.


"John Chaney, twice named national coach of the year, guided temple to 17 appearances in the n.c.a.a. tournament in his 24 seasons there."
-New York Times

In the City of Brotherly Love, John Chaney is Legend

Long before he prowled the sidelines of more than 1,000 intercollegiate basketball games as one of the winningest coaches of all-time, John Chaney terrorized the Philadelphia Public League as a point guard. Jim Crow laws kept African Americans from getting scholarship offers to major schools, so John played at all-black Bethune-Cookman College, then turned pro for the Harlem Globetrotters and the Eastern League before beginning a Hall of Fame coaching career, first at Cheyney State, then at Temple University.

But forget the 724 wins or the 17 NCAA Tournament appearances. What John Chaney is revered for is being a teacher and father-figure to hundreds of young men who might otherwise would have ended up in the street...or far worse. Most of Chaney's recruits came from broken homes. At Cheyney State, he'd get up and cook them breakfast. At Temple, he'd sit a player if he failed to wear his hat on a cold day. Principles build character.

Always spirited, always opinionated, always putting his kids first, John Chaney's life is a story that must be told, because none like him will ever pass this way again.

Enshrined in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Basketball coach at Cheyney State University Head Coach (1972-82) and Temple University (1982-present).Played for Bethune-Cookman, 1951-55. NAIA All-America, 1953. Played for Sunbury (Eastern Pro League). Two-time League Most Valuable Player. Seven-time league All-Star. All-Star Game MVP, 1959, 1960. Player/Coach, Williamsport (Eastern Pro League), 1963-66. NCAA Division II Tournament, 1973, 1974, 1976-80, 1982. NCAA Division II Tournament National Champions, 1978. Division II National Coach of the Year, 1978. State of Pennsylvania Distinguished Faculty Award, 1979. NCAA Tournaments, 1984-1988, 1990-2001 (18), including 12 in a row which ranks fifth. NCAA Regional Finalists, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1999, 2001. National Invitational Tournament, 1989. Atlantic 10 Championships, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1998. Atlantic 10 East Division, 1998, 1999, 2000. Atlantic 10 Tournament Championships, 1985, 1987, 1988, 1990, 2000, 2001. Atlantic 10 Conference Coach of the Year, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988, 2000. USBWA National Coach of the Year, 1987, 1988. Consensus National Coach of the Year, Associated Press Coach of the Year, United Press International Coach of the Year, CNN/USA Today Coach of the Year, Kodak-NABC Coach of the Year, Chevrolet Coach of the Year, Black Coaches Association Coach of the Year, 1988. Eastern Basketball Coach of the Year, 1993.


A desperate attempt to save a Navy hero’s life creates a genetic mutation

While on a top-secret Navy dive, DALLAS HUNTER, decorated Navy SEAL, devoted husband and father, is exposed to a massive dose of radiation when the core of a nuclear reactor aboard a sunken attack sub melts down. Desperate to save his life, the Navy flies in Dr. SAMANTHA SCHWARTZ, who injects Dallas with a dose of genetically-enhanced shark stem cells. As he lies in isolation, DARIE GAINES: Dallas’s former fiancé and the demolitions expert responsible for the meltdown enters the lab and injects him with a massive overdose of the stem cells – killing him. If Darie can’t have Dallas, no one can.

The body is transported in a lead box filled with salt water to Dr. Schwartz’s lab in Miami for an autopsy. When Dr. Schwartz opens the container she is shocked – Dallas is alive, breathing underwater through still-evolving gills slits in his neck. The cancer is gone, but the stem cells, in order to save him, have altered his genetic code, slowly changing him into a lethal predator – a shark-human mutation!

Dallas must resolve his human conflict, save his family, and prevent Darie from initiating a rogue Intel plot designed to engage the U.S. in another war before he completely evolves into a cold-blooded predator.

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